1. NO Helmet! NO Ride!
  2. No dogs allowed on the trails
  3. Entry fee must be paid before embarking on your activity or you won’t be allowed access
  4. All minors to be accompanied by an adult
  5. Keep to the designated marked trails ONLY
  6. Follow the directional signs at all times
  7. Do not cross between trails on unmarked paths
  8. Do not place anything on the trails
  9. Do not carry any valuables on you
  10. Overtake only when safe to do so
  11. Do not ride alone
  12. Pull off to the side of the trail when stopped to allow other trail users to pass safely
  13. Littering will not be tolerated
  14. Please try to create as little noise as possible near the bird hides
  15. Be aware of snakes and other animals which may be along the trails
  16. Do not remove, cut, break of destroy in any manner the flora found within TAROKO TRAIL PARK/ Modderfontein Nature Reserve
  17. NO Firearms are permitted
  18. No picnics are allowed on the trails
  19. No feeding of the animals
  20. No water is to be consumed from the dams and rivers on site, as water is not potable

TAROKO TRAIL PARK Management have the right of admission and further right to bring criminal and civil proceedings against all those who do not obey the abovementioned rules.

  • Take cognizance of the fact that we are situated in a nature reserve, and that all the etiquette expected in any other nature reserve is expected here.
  • Be aware that certain areas within the AECI property and the Modderfontein Nature Reserve are strictly out of bounds, because of the activities taking place are dangerous and environmentally sensitive.
  • Please take note that the tar roads are utilized by heavy machinery and transport vehicles, for this reason all cyclists, runners and hikers are to remain on the designated trails. Riding, running or hiking on the road is prohibited, unless otherwise indicated in certain sections.


By entering these premises you acknowledge, agree and accept that:

  • running, hiking and/or riding a mountain bicycle on any terrain is a dangerous activity with inherent risk of personal injury, disability, death, or damage to property;
  • injuries are common and can be expected as part of riding a mountain bicycle, running or hiking;
  • you fully and voluntarily assume all such risk, dangers and hazards and the possibility of damage to your property and serious and/or permanent personal and bodily injury including the risk of
  • the use of the trails of TAROKO TRAIL PARK, its facilities and amenities, and/or participating in any event at TAROKO TRAIL PARK, are done entirely at your own risk and subject to the rules, terms and conditions of use;
  • you release, indemnify, hold harmless and free of liability Keystone Active (Pty) Ltd (Reg no 2020/003655/07) t/a TAROKO TRAIL PARK, its shareholders, directors, employees, agents and/or any parties associated with them, including the owners and lessor of the premises (“the Indemnified Parties”) for any claim of whatsoever nature that may arise from the use of the trials, facilities and amenities whether or not such claim is as a result of the negligence of an indemnified party;
  • neither you, nor your estate, executors, dependents, administrators, legal representatives, assignees or successors in interest shall have any claim against the indemnified parties for any loss or damage sustained as a result of the use of TAROKO TRAIL PARK trails, the facilities and amenities, which claims include but are not limited to, death, injury, illness, any loss or damage to any property occurring within the premises of TAROKO TRAIL PARK, or arising from the participation in any event hosted at TAROKO TRAIL PARK;
  • you have read, understood and accepted the rules, terms, conditions and procedures of TAROKO TRAIL PARK;
  • you agree to adhere to all the applicable rules, terms and conditions set out by the owners in respect of TAROKO TRAIL PARK.

Should you not agree to the above you must not enter TAROKO TRAIL PARK.

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